About Us

MetaCog Solutions is a company committed to professional skill development in the field of Supply Chain management. Using a MOOC technology platform, we offer several courses that impart extensive training across locations in India and abroad.

We have professional management, a young and talented team, and an well-respected advisory team. We have built a solid base of customers and learners who have got significant value from their programmes.

Our customers are from the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals and healthcare as well as the growing field of global supply chain outsourcing and shared services.

What We Do?

The Changing World of Education.
Significant changes are taking place in the fields of Training and Education, supplemented by new technological approaches. For example, the availability of broadband and mobile technologies to all levels of professionals including workers, enables tremendous opportunities to deploy large-scale, innovative education and training.

Our Solution.
To achieve our objective Learn to Perform, our MOOC technology platform allows us to impart extensive training across locations in India and abroad. We are have established robust assessment mechanisms to support these training initiatives.

Who is it for?

We believe that Supply Chain Management is an area that is increasingly in need of professional skill development. This field is of immense importance to several industries such as Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Engineering, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Consumer Durables and Chemicals. In addition, the service sector is rapidly growing in the realms of procurement operations, contracting, strategic sourcing, third-party logistics and others.

Businesses and government agencies that need to equip their employees with critical skills could deploy these programmes across their organisations. Individuals will also benefit by upgrading their skills and improving their career prospects.